Federal Eviction Moratorium – Extended!

The eviction clock started ticking on July 31st – the day the federal eviction moratorium expired. Millions of renters became riddled with panic as wonderment hit – were they finally going to be evicted due to the non-payment of rent? Was someone going to show up at their door with the final straw eviction notice? DON’T PANIC! This past week, the Biden Administration extended the federal eviction moratorium until October 3, 2021. Renters rejoice! (Shhhh, don’t let the Landlords hear you).

The extension comes with a more limited scope, though. The extension, now, will only apply to areas/locations hit hardest by the Coronavirus. According to CNN, the moratorium extension will now only protect those in areas of the Country with “high” or “substantial” transmission of Covid-19 based on the CDC’s tracking of the virus. The limited scope comes with little drawback though, since as of August 1st, more than 80% of US counties were still being tacked as areas of “high” or “substantial” transmission.

To move forward easy enough, the CDC offers a tool where renters can check the applicability of the eviction moratorium according to county – which can be found by clicking here

Check away, renters!

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